In Search of the Swan

I like to achieve what others believe is impossible. I have come to the realisation that achieving the distinctly possible is something that will never quite satisfy my soul - The Cockney Bard

Beauty & the fire

Keats, Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, Shelley, Yeats, Brooke, Dali, Da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Marlowe, Dee, Blake and many more have seen the fire, have felt the fire and know what the fire is. When one is to see the beauty, he is to see the fire and when one to see the fire, he will know what beauty is! - The Cockney Bard

Simple crop (small B)

He nor that affable, familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds) him with intelligence.

Sonnet 86 William Shakespeare

There are those who simply won't see it. There are others who will not want to see it. There are those who do see it and know what it means for the greater understanding of mankind - The Cockney Bard

Gary Allen Author, Poet and Philosopher known as The Cockney Bard. Born in the East End of London in 1960. Married to Actress, Singer/Songwriter and Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist Shona Allen.

You can view some of Gary's work on this site. Many more of his writings both Philosophical and Poetical can be found by visiting his new website He is not a poet in the conventional sense of the word. He has no rules and only writes poetry when the muse is upon him. He has written on many subjects,.Many personalities and differing styles exist in his work. Far different from the Cockney East Ender. Some of his work 'A letter to Marilyn Monroe', 'A face of such beauty', 'Gentle I' & 'Love is' have been read on the BBC. How the works came into being take some believing. Gary would hear the words that were dictated to him (in mind not audible) from an unknown extraneous source and write them down, often at great speed with no pause, punctuation or grammar.
Allen also has proven healing abilities. Both the healing and intuitive skills Allen believes are perfectly natural. An innate ability that we all have to varying degrees. Gary has and can easily demonstrate and replicate both at will, Gary has 20 year plus fascination with the study of the mind.

Read how destiny truly does exist 'A remarkable Wedding tale', 'The Great Mystery' where Gary reveals some insights. You can also read how many great artists, poets, philosophers, musicians etc have been inspired in this way. Plato called it the 'mania'.

Not even world renowned Magician & Sceptic James Randi would take up the challenge. When offered to take it up he declined. Randi at that time was at the peak of his TV career in dismantling mystics, psychics & healers. A postcard from him proves a distinct lack of amibition on his behalf to discredit & prove Allen fake. You must ask yourself why? The simple explanation was that the challenge was beyond the great Randi.


For all Media/Radio/TV appearances, Newspaper & Magazine articles etc please contact Gary Allen at

“Men scarcely know how beautiful fire is” - Shelley

I decided it was not wisdom that enables poets to write their poetry..But a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean” – Socrates

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