In Search of the Swan

I like to achieve what others believe is impossible. I have come to the realisation that achieving the distinctly possible is something that will never quite satisfy my soul - The Cockney Bard

He nor that affable, familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds) him with intelligence.

Sonnet 86 William Shakespeare

Beauty & the fire

Keats, Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, Shelley, Yeats, Brooke, Dali, Da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Marlowe, Dee, Blake and many more have seen the fire, have felt the fire and know what the fire is. When one is to see the beauty, he is to see the fire and when one to see the fire, he will know what beauty is! - The Cockney Bard

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I decided it was not wisdom that enables poets to write their poetry..But a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean” – Socrates

Gary Allen Author, Poet and Philosopher known as The Cockney Bard. Born in the East End of London in 1960. Married to Actress, multi talented 40's & 50's Singer/Songwriter Shona Allen.

I am not a poet in the conventional sense of the word. I have no rules and only write poetry and philosophy when the muse is upon me. I have written on many subjects from love to the mind, dementia to death. Many personalities and differing styles exist in my work. Far different from the Cockney East Ender. Some of my work 'A letter to Marilyn Monroe', 'A face of such beauty', 'Gentle I' & 'To know what love is' have been read on the BBC during an interview I did a few months back. I have appeared on various TV and Radio shows.

How the works came into being take some believing. I would hear the words that were dictated to me (in mind not audible) from an unknown extraneous source and write them down, often at great speed with no pause, punctuation or grammar. The works are living proof to this remarkable ability.

I also have proven healing abilities. Both the healing and intuitive skills I believe are perfectly natural. An innate ability that we all have to varying degrees. I can easily demonstrate and replicate both at will. I have had a 20 year plus fascination with the study of the mind. Apart from a love of Philosophy, Shakespeare is also a particular passion of mine.


For all Media/Radio/TV appearances, Newspaper & Magazine articles etc please contact Gary Allen at [email protected]

Simple understanding guide of an innate ability

Having studied the mind Psychology (formerly known as study of the soul from the 1650's) for over twenty odd years, and as there is so much absolute dross spoken and shown on TV in programmes on the subject, here is the Cockney Bard’s

Simple Ten Point Understanding Guide

1) We all have the capability to access the sixth sense, psychic ability, mediumship call it what you like. It is innate within ALL human beings as is the capacity to heal with hands (reiki, spiritual healing, natural healing, energy healing call that what you like too!).

2) I have never had any teaching, no master, no guru, never been on any courses, no initiation. This proves it is a perfectly natural ability.

3) It takes years to develop a great understanding of it. To sort the wheat from the chaff and to near master the understanding. You can never fully master it.

4) Lack of understanding and it can be very detrimental. Often mixed up with mental health concerns the reality is somewhere inbetween.

5) You need to realise that as well as good there is bad.

6) You need not be religious, a spiritualist, belong to any group, have any faith, any belief, worship any symbol, any saint, God or guru. I am not and certainly don't!

7) You should not believe all you are told when accessing this extraneous source. Being a well balanced individual is essential. People have said they have communicated with all kinds of people from Jesus to Merlin, so caution advised.

8) You can see the future, you can get information about others you have not previously known, you can if you are very fortunate get wonderful philosophy and poetry as have I. You can be fed with intelligence (see sonnet 86 of Shakespeare) and re-educated also as was I.

9) You need to be disciplined with the information and its content. You need to use common sense when dealing with others on the subject.

10) And the most important is don’t live your life by it.

It is often ridiculed by science, sceptics, those with little to no understanding of it like Stephen Fry, Derren Brown, Richard Dawkins et al, those who fear the truth or those who have their own agenda. Of course there are frauds and fakes out there. But what you can say with great certainty is it is very real and you ALL have the ability to access it, scientists and sceptics included.

Remember the 'how can I be certain rule?' - the only truth is a proven fact.

“Men scarcely know how beautiful the fire is” - Shelley

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